Please  email us at for details Our rates are competitive and affordable, providing value for money with high end entertainment value Upon contractual agreement, we will provide all safety and appropriate insurance as standard practice Contracts and Fees ©’Don’t Go Into The Cellar!’   2020   All rights reserved Don't Go Into The Cellar! perform at venues across the United Kingdom, from theatres to manor houses and festivals. Our shows offer an original take on traditional Victorian and Edwardian literature - perfect for people seeking good, old-fashioned theatrical entertainment! Ideal if your glass of abinsthe involves a spot of Yuletide  Ghoulishness. Bookings now being taken for 2021! ‘Strictly Sherlock’ After the terrific success of The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes, we return with this follow-up stage play. Join the king of the detectives as he brings to life those three startling cases, “The Sussex Vampire”, “The Creeping Man” and “The Devil's Foot!” ‘Dracula’s GhostThis spine-tingling original theatrical show tracks the vampire king from his destruction at the hands of Van Helsing, through his many incarnations down the centuries. His sole confidante is the grieving widow of Bram Stoker, whose past and future selves are inextricably linked to the Count.  ‘Unmasking Jack the Ripper’ The year is 1888, and London is in terror at the murder spree being committed by Saucy Jack! Why not seek respite from the horrors of Whitechapel by spending the evening inside Tabram's Music Hall? Fairy Fay guarantees a ripping time will be shared by one and all... A macabre cabaret of Victorian songs, weird skits and disturbing vignettes wherein you will meet a miscellany of suspects in unfamiliar guises. But which one is the Ripper? ‘Tea with Oscar Wilde’ Ladies, Gentlemen, Etc... You are all cordially invited to the 1890’s wittiest “Chit-Chat” show where a gay time is guaranteed! You’ll be ‘Wilde’ about who he has on his chaise... Space and technical requirements We are able to provide full technical equipment for our shows, all of which is PAT tested as standard practice. For venues with in-house sound and lighting systems, we provide our own technician who will operate the venues equipment during performance and liase with your technical staff. We are able to fit our shows in most spaces, but for specific requirements please CONTACT US ‘Murder by GaslightA ghoulish audience with two of the most infamous poisoners in British history - William Palmer and Harvey Crippen. We invite you to encounter these murderous men of medicine as the diabolical doctors regale you with their case histories, and invite you to judge for yourselves whether they were in fact, guilty as charged! ‘Frankenstein 1899’ The Wilton Herriot Players are delighted to present their adaptation of a literary classic! The nineteenth century is drawing to an end, and a brave new world is set to dawn. But the new age of enlightenment and reason will soon be challenged, and scientific fact cast asunder, when the charismatic preacher, Frankenstein, shocks Britons to the core with his claims. For the Reverend can communicate with the dead, and those sceptics intolerant of his beliefs will soon pay for their blasphemy. ‘Edgar Allan Poe : Prince of Darkness’ Famed Edwardian actor Vincent Griswold prepares to perform as Edgar Allan Poe in a stage-play based on the author's life. But Griswold's obsession with the dead writer threatens his own sanity and the lives of those around him, in this compelling psychological melodrama. ‘The Talking Dead’ Dare you share an evening with two of America's most infamous murderers? Lizzie Borden returns from the grave to regale visitors to Fall River with the tale of her poor parents' unhappy fate. Then, be chilled to the bone as Dr Henry Howard Holmes welcomes you to his "Murder Castle", where he embarked upon his grisly career as the United States' earliest serial killer! ‘The Witching Hour’ Montague Rhodes James returns with another selection of unsettling tales of antiquarian terror! Brave the horrors lying in wait within "An Episode of Cathedral History"! Witness the spectral malevolent seeking revenge in "A Warning to the Curious"! One-man show and follow-up to our successful touring production of  Old Haunts.  The Owl, The Pussycat and Edward Lear’ Enjoy an audience with Mr Edward Lear, King of the Nonsense Rhyme and Loopy Limerick! Allow him to entertain you with tall tales concerning his life and times, the people, flora and fauna he encountered along the way, and his own inimitable philosophy of life. Oh, and a certain owl and a particular pussycat are both guaranteed! ‘Lovecraft After Dark’ Allow the cosmic horror of Howard Philip Lovecraft to envelop your senses and blast your imagination! At any moment, the terrors of the Ancient Ones may be unleashed upon the world. The Elder Gods scrutinise our every deed, awaiting their opportunity to reclaim what was once theirs. Madness will be a blessing to those mere mortals who witness the crawling chaos soon to be released upon mankind! ‘Another Christmas Carol’ Enjoy an audience with Charles Dickens  as he regales you with this hitherto- unknown festive tale. In the style of the  public performances the great Victorian  writer gave during the nineteenth century,  this one-man stage show is the perfect  seasonal treat to whet your appetite for the  Yuletide celebrations!  Expect chills, laughter and sentiment as  Mr Dickens presents, for one night only,  Another Christmas Carol! ‘The Night Titanic Sank’ Based on the real-life testimonies of those who survived, The Night Titanic Sank commemorates the maritime disaster by focusing on three lives changed forever by the tragic events of April 15th 1912. The night that the unthinkable happened. The night Titanic sank. ‘Weird Dales’ n the grand tradition of The Wicker Man and Witchfinder General, we are proud to present this original show with an eerie folk horror theme. What unspeakable horrors lurk in the depths of the sylvan countryside? Once the safety of the city has been left far behind, you can so easily fall prey to the ancient rites of bygone folklore and arcane customs. And sometimes, to things much, much worse. In the countryside, no one can hear you scream! ‘Carnacki’ In Edwardian England, supernatural terrors beyond the boundaries of rational scientific thought loomed above us and around us. They were able to strike us down without warning, hordes of demons, phantoms and other occult phenomena. Thankfully, although those denizens of the darkness defied logic and reason, there was one man whose esoteric knowledge equipped him to combat such weird and deadly forces. His name was Thomas Carnacki. ‘Blood and Fog’ Join Inspector Frederick Abberline of Scotland Yard as he recreates blood- curdling true crime cases from the nineteenth century archives. Tremble to the infamous Whitechapel Murders! Shudder to the deadly Lambeth Poisoner! Quake to the mysterious Thames Torso Murders!  Theatrical Victorian storytelling at its finest! ‘Creepy Kipling’ hough famous for his children's works such as The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling also wrote a variety of supernatural and ghostly tales. They feature restless spectres and folklore peculiar to his beloved India. Here we present an anthology of stage adaptations of the best of these, including The Phantom Rickshaw.