©’Don’t Go Into The Cellar!’   2021   All rights reserved Below are the live productions which are taking place in Season 2021 February to September Full details of these shows may be found via our Events page on Facebook Click on the         below This includes Venues, Dates, Times and links to book tickets For further information, please Email us at *The above link will direct you to our Events Page. To have full access to our Company page, you will need to Log In or Create an Account with Facebook PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE ONGOING SITUATION, EVENT PLANS MAY CHANGE Live Stream performances are presented on alternate Sundays as part of our SUNDAY DOWN THE CELLAR! seasons on Facebook Live at 9:00pm GMT Specially written and performed, these one-off performances are broadcast live from Flore in Northamptonshire - home of our Artistic Director Jonathan and wife Sian (and Archie The Cellar cat!) These shows are FREE to view. All we ask is that you consider donating the price of a ticket to our Go Fund Me  campaign. All links are provided on our Facebook page. Just follow the above          for details POD-CASKET This is a very informal live broadcast wherein we are "ourselves", chit-chatting about pretty much whatever pops into our heads at the time. If you have any Cellar-related questions you would like to ask us, please send them in. We may even read a story or two! THURSDAYS   8:00pm GMT   FACEBOOK LIVE